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4 Strategies How I Predict the Future in My Business (and so should you...)
Written by Tom Papasian on Nov. 12th 2017
One of the most important skill successful people have in common is their ability to create their own future. Not to worry this post isn't about crystal ball or anything like that but I'll introduce a very powerful tool below that I believe will help transform your life. 

One of the reasons why the riches and successful are remarkable, is because they cracked the code, the success code of how to create life on their terms, the ultimate version of their life and this principle is fairly easy to follow.  

What do you want? 

You may ask one of your friends what does he/she wants out of life and they could give you an answer like; "I dunno, happiness I guess, or money" or something really evasive. 

It might seem harmless however this is the reason they don't live a fulfilled life, or that their current situation is not suiting.  

The riches and successful, have a CLEAR picture of what their life should be like or will be like and I'm not talking day dreaming I wish kind of thing, this is high levels of commitment to make it happen. This is why they very often achieve it just because they are clear on the outcome hence you can start planning the journey to get there. 

Also don't let anyone influence how big your dreams, desires should be, this is your life you have an obligation and a responsibility as a human being to fulfil your purpose and to ensure that your life match your expectations whatever they are. If you want to have a full time job as a gardener and make $40,000 that is fantastic, go do it ! Whatever it is that make YOU happy. People tend to let their "circle" kill their vibes so don't let anyone get into your way, be bald, be unreasonable. 

Write your goals, advertise to your brain> What the brain perceives, believes will achieve. 

So , get clear on what you want and be bald, moving onto the next step which is in my opinion the most important. 

Why do you want it? 

Now that we know what we want, the second question we need to ask ourselves is not how to do it but why? Why do you want this particular goal, dream, desire?  

It's critical for you to know the reasons behind the action and here is why.  

The relevance of the reasons why will determine the outcome. Let me explain, would you agree that when you have no choice but to do something, you usually tend to achieve? If you'd either die or succeed, you will tend to succeed. 

So if the reasons are not compelling enough to you, failure is more likely and I have broken down the main reasons people take action for you. 

Small Why: materialisitic possessions, cars, jewellery, clothes, toys, cars, fantasies, leisure activites 

This is pretty much all the things you can buy, that will make you and your family excited and pumped up for a while until the dust settles on it and you'll be looking for a new toy. BTW there is absolutely nothing wrong with small why, I believe they are a good motivator and will get an individual to take action, although the reach is limited in my opinion. 


Big Why: now that's the good stuff, the number 1 reason people do what they do and usually is the reason people achieve greatness in their lives. 

Purpose, your life's mission, the reason why you were put on this earth for. This is a very broad topic and each and everyone of us has a purpose whatever it is and by the way there is no better purpose. Happiness or fulfilment is subjective and everyone has their own criteria which makes it beautiful. 

Is it to look after the security health and wellbeing of your family? Is it to become the richest person on the planet? Is it to provide children with education? Is it to build homes? Whatever it is and you've found it you already won. 

If your dreams, desires are congruent, connected with the reasons why you do it, the likelihood of the success is much higher than if you are simply doing it to fulfil ego's need. If you are just trying to fit in or meet people's expectations you will not only dismiss your purpose you will also avoid your own happiness. 

Why you do what you do is the most powerful force to drive change, action because at challenging times, reminding yourself of the WHY pull you through the obstacles, where motivation is just temporary energy. 

Let's look into how to achieve the goal now. 

How to? 

When the first 2 steps are in motion, the how usually show up. Not literally but once again when you are committed, when there is no other way around you will find the way so I don’t have to tell you much in this section apart from look for mentor, someone who has already achieved what you want because success leaves clues.  

Don't try to reinvent the wheel, find the map to get there, you'll save a lot of time and trouble, don't get fancy, put the ego aside and do this is usually what it takes. 

Oh one more thing, from experience when you are doing something new, scary and or that people around you won't understand try to either not get into too much details to avoid criticism OR completely own it and be proud of what you do and who you are. 

Last but not least 

Adjust your approach  

Sometimes, you will try something and you will fail. It happens, and I hope it happen many times for you until you reach success. Pretty weird thing to wish to someone you may think ? Not really because I believe failure brings the seed of a new opportunity, every time. 

If you observe that your current activity is not paying, don’t get romantic sometimes things don’t work and it’s ok to change the approach. Learn from the experience and then figure out a new, more efficient way to get there. 

The riches and successful are only ahead because they have failed much more than the others, they only needed one success. 

Persevere. You will get there. 

Tom Papasian

Tom helps sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners start and grow profitable businesses. He uses a predictable system to generate high paying clients and strategies to guarantee the sale.
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