Why You Must Turn Your Passion Into Profits (and how easy it is today)
Written by Tom Papasian on Feb. 15th 2018
What is the one thing that you love doing? I believe each and everyone of us have at least 1 thing they love doing, or more so 1 thing we were put on this earth to do. What's yours? Is it business, it is sales, are you an entertainer, are you a teacher, are you a chef? 

All of the professions that I have just mentioned are usually fuelled by a passion in the first place. What is a passion? It is a very strong feeling about something, that's all. 

Maybe it's eating or sleeping. Wouldn't it be great to get paid what you love?  

If you had the choice tomorrow, instead of going to work you could do what you love the whole day? I don't care what it is, would you do it? Yes? 

What's preventing you from doing it? Is it a job, or a fear ?  

There is an alternative to living to pay bills. At a very young age, in my home country France, kids are being told that the model of success is the following: study hard, do well in school and hopefully you'll get a job in a good company. 

There you will have a secure income, and after a while if you are lucky well you will be able to buy a house and hopefully have enough time at the end of your career to enjoy your retirement.  

I understand that this life can be appealing to some of you and I think it's amazing as long as you are happy. It didn't do the trick for me. I was not doing well in school and I surely didn't want to work for someone until I'm 65 praying that I'll be still in good health to enjoy my life. I wanted everything then and it lead me to entrepreneurship. 

My message for you today is this, there is an alternative to "safe, secure job" it might not be for everyone. I don't think anyone can become an entrepreneur, it takes a few sets of skills but if what I'm telling you resonates with you, it might be time to claim your freedom and start your business. 

4 traits of the Entrepreneurs 

They're driven by passion: most people would believe, successful people are driven by money because they have loads of money. Well this is wrong, most of the successful are driven by passion. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Richard Branson, Oprah all these guys were not chasing the money. They are following their passion. 

Self-awareness: in close relation to confidence awareness is more so reverse engineering yourself and knowing what triggers you, what drives you and what would make your life successful rich and abundant. BTW it is different for each individual, it's not about money or cars it's about what makes you fulfilled.

Vision: even though they might not know the how to, their Vision is so strong, their WHY is so compelling to them that the What and HOW show up naturally. You don't need to have all the answers, just have the end goal in mind and get started. 

Persistence: regardless of the current challenges, most entrepreneurs know how to keep focused on the future and achieving their goals. They usually have a bulletproof mindset and quitting is not part of their language. 

If any of these traits sounds like you and you're wanting for something more than just your current routine, maybe you're an entrepreneur. 

Tom Papasian

Tom helps sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners start and grow profitable businesses. He uses a predictable system to generate high paying clients and strategies to guarantee the sale.
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